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About Us

Sangeet Dhwani is an organization dedicated to music as a means to educate and entertain. It has organized more than 125+ concerts in the bay area based on over 60 raagas. We have featured many prominent artists. Join Sangeet Dhwani Group

Youth Volunteers

Our Mission

Our Vision

After successfully conducting more than 125+ music concerts from 2006, we recognize that bringing together, people of all backgrounds and levels just for the love of singing, learning, educating and sharing, will fulfill the needs of music lovers looking for a wholesome experience. We want to create such an environment by being a platform for artists to perform, collaborate and network, while guiding and encouraging the younger generation to strive for artistic excellence.

What We Do

On a regular basis, we organize concerts that are unique. We believe that music is a universal language and utilizing diversity and versatility is critical to making it truly universal so people can enjoy music regardless of their age, skill level, language, genre, and other musical preferences. To that end, we conduct concerts of all types of music with artists residing in the USA and those visiting from abroad. By removing certain boundaries that traditional concerts follow, we offer our patrons the type of musical experience that is both entertaining and educational. Our repertoire includes, but is not limited to:

How You Can Help

Our main goal is to revive and promote our rich music heritage of the Indian sub continent, dating back to 5000+ years ago, from Maharshi Patanjali Shastri of Samveda times. We rely on the generosity of donors, sponsors and patrons who believe in our mission. You can help us by attending our programs, with sponsorships and donations. We encourage people to volunteer as well.